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World Wetlands Day 2017 Events

To create and spread awareness about wetlands we conducted slide show on wetlands for 2 high schools of Dapoli Taluka

Madhusudan L Karmarkar, A G Highschool Branch School Umbarle on 7 February 2017

Wetland introduction with special reference to mangrove ecosystem found in adjoining regions of Dapoli – coastal Maharashtra (India) We explained the students about Ramsar Convention, importance of wetlands, types of wetlands, bird and other life supported by wetlands, etc. Students took interest in understanding the various aspects related to wetlands. We are thankful to the teachers of school for their co-operation for this event.



Aai Anandi Gopal Mahajan Vidyamandir, Kolthare on 8 February 2017

Mangrove ecosystem – their importance, adaptation and role We conducted slide show about wetlands and their importance with special reference to Mangrove. Since this village is located on west coast of Maharashtra (India) students have seen the mangroves. Through the slide show we explained them about role of mangroves and their adaptations such as pneumatophores, stilt roots, viviparous germination, etc. We also explained about World Wetland Day and its this year’s theme. Total of 114 students attended the slide show. Their active participation in the form of questions made it interactive. We are thankful to the school committee members and teaching staff for their co-operation for the event.


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